Structural Concrete Formwork

Structural Concrete Formwork consists of the erection and dismantle (form & strip) of column, wall and suspended slab forms. We can provide any combination of these items to help in the construction of projects for our Clients.

Concrete outlines are generated for each project using Revit design software. These outlines help coordinate the contract drawings to eliminate dimensional discrepancies and coordinate RFI’s prior to breaking ground. The outlines consist of plan views, detailed sections, isometric illustrations and architectural features. They also illustrate pour sequences and correspond to the provided formwork schedule. This process assists our Clients in the planning and scheduling of the project which in turn helps prevent unforseen project delays and cost overruns.

Formwork design, detailing and lift drawings are also provided for each project. With licensed engineers on staff we are capable of designing the best possible formwork to fit any job condition.



Structural Concrete Packages

McClone Construction Company can provide the engineering, manpower, equipment and material necessary to deliver a complete concrete package specifically designed for your project.

Company Commitments:

  • Concrete outlines
  • Formwork design, detailing, and lift drawings
  • Layout and control
  • Structural excavation
  • Foundations including caissons
  • Structural concrete formwork
  • Supply, pump, place, and finish of concrete
  • Supply and installation of reinforcing steel and post-tensioning
  • Installation of embeds
  • Shotcrete


Design-Assist Services

Working directly with our Clients, we provide key insight and valuable experience in the design process to help control costs and streamline the future construction activities. These services can be applied to a variety of projects, ranging from parking structures to multi-story concrete towers. Our experience in successfully completing over 1,000 structures throughout the United States makes us a great choice to assist Clients in achieving their project goals.