McClone Construction Company specializes in structural concrete and concrete formwork. In our 40-year history we have completed more than 1,000 structures throughout the United States, including Hawaii. From the beginning the company has enjoyed an outstanding reputation for safety, quality, integrity, and performance. We continue to expand our operations to meet the needs of our clientele and provide opportunities to our Team Members.


McClone Construction Company was founded by Bill and Leslie McClone in 1975.

We initially performed work as a general engineering contractor building bridges and concrete structures for private clients and public agencies. In 1981 we were awarded our first concrete formwork contract on a parking structure in Old Sacramento.

By 1986 we had expanded our operations into Southern California and the San Francisco Bay Area. In 1994 we extended our operations to the Northwest with our office located in Maple Valley, Washington. Our wood framing division was started in 1994 operating out of the Central West office in Cameron Park, California. In 2000 we opened our Southwest office in Fresno, California and in 2001 we were performing work in Hawaii. In 2008 we opened our Colorado office, in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, just outside Denver. In 2012 we opened our Houston, Texas office.

Most recently, we opened our Central, Texas office in 2017.

Company Structure – Officers

Brett Steed – Chief Executive Officer

Ted Hoffman – Chief Financial Officer

Roy Cloud, P.E. – Executive Vice President

Mike Byron – Vice President

James Ruebling, P.E. – Vice President – Engineering

Ken Ridens – Vice President

Chris Foster – Vice President

Ed Kenney – Vice President